I am currently studying Graphic Design at Teesside University, in my third and final year. My main interests in design are typography, branding and photography across both print and digital design. I have a strong interest in strategy within design, this has led my work to be focussed on campaigns and branding, whether that be social or commercial. I try to incorporate and develop a range of skills in my design. I am aware of an ever changing and developing industry, I continue to develop different skills, such as motion design and 3D software. 

So far I have been fortunate enough to work in my home town at a local print studio, intern at INK – a digital agency in London and also Korn, a branding agency based in Boston, USA. As well as this I have had the chance to visit studios and organisations such as North, Moving Brands NY, Razorfish NY and the Design Council where in December 2016 I became a graduate of their program - Design Academy.

Most of my time at university has been focused on educating myself on the world of graphic design as well as improving my skills and doing freelance work when I can, but in my spare time I enjoy travelling and experiencing new cultures, I also enjoy both playing and watching sports which has been one of my main interests through my life.

I plan on using this site to showcase my work from university, freelance and personal projects. At some point I do also intend on showcasing my working process and do some blog posts on things I have picked up from the people I have been around and also my experience of university to hopefully offer advice to any other young graphic designers.

My creative approach is generally to generate as many different ideas as possible before thinking of any visuals, a lot of my focus in design goes into the idea (as my tutors have told me many times) I enjoy telling stories and narratives while creating experiences that engage audiences in more ways than just on a purely visual level.