I have always loved Nike, as a sports fan they’re a brand that has became part of my life in someway (also how awesome is 'Just Do It'). From the exciting Joga Bonito adverts, the brilliant Redemption adverts of Tiger Woods and LeBron James – to the more recent collaborations with Casey Neistat and the comical and empowering LDNR advert, Nike will always be a powerhouse brand that stands by its athletes and people. But today’s advert with Colin Kaepernick is my favourite and possibly the most powerful advert Nike have ever done.

The message is perfect for the 30th anniversary of Just Do It, Kaepernick was the first NFL player to take a knee to peacefully protest the USA National Anthem -  against racial injustice in the nation. Why stand for a country that won’t stand for it’s people. Since then he has lost a very promising sports career and been ridiculed by a number of sports fans, arguing that he has disrespected those that have fought for his and others freedom - if that is the case, is this not the best example of using your freedom? To fight for what so many are ignoring, bringing an issue of such importance into the conversation of those who can do something about.

Just as Colin Kaepernick done, it is great to see Nike use it’s reach to stand up for such an important issue.