Man Enough


Branding, Interface and Social Design

Man Enough is my concept for a Creative Conscience competition brief. The proposal is aimed at male mental health sufferers. Mental health issues in males is one of the biggest cultural and health problems in the UK at the moment, with 1 in 8 males suffering from a common mental health issue. To tackle this issue, I first aim to help normalise the issue in hope to encourage conversation and openness around the topic, this is not only aimed at sufferers but family, friends and even the public surrounding these issues in order to inform those of the issue at hand. The concept comes full circle to an app for mobile devices that can act as a further informational hub as well as a safe space for sufferers. Users can read news stories pulled from outlets to the app, but more importantly can use the service "Man to Man" where users can interact with one another, share experiences and messages of encouragement as research proves that males are much more likely to talk about these issues with others who share similar experiences.